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What is The Life Mastery Mentorship Academy?

The Life Mastery Mentorship Academy is a Virtual Personal Development Program specifically designed to help you up-level, increase, elevate and master your financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and relational life.

The word "Master" simply means: To become an expert, skilled, or experienced. The ability to take control, charge or authority. To rule, conquer or overcome.

In the Life Mastery Online Academy you will learn how to overcome the hinderances and challenges that keeps you from going to your next level of success. You will discover the blueprint to becoming the skilled expert in your own life, while learning to break patterns and cycles to take authority and control of your finances, health, emotions, mind and relationships while elevating your spiritual life. I will teach you the same proven spiritual laws and practical principles I have applied in my own life to rule and win in life!

Find Courses on Almost Any Topic

Over 30+ Classes in The Life Mastery Library. Everything From Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Relational & Physical Healing, To Financial, Business & Ministry Development With More To Come!

Learn How To Master Your Mind

Learn How To Master Your Money

Learn How To Develop A Money Plan

Learn How To Master Your Relationships

Learn How To Overcome Your Struggles

Learn How To Bypass Toxic Relationships

Learn How To Discover and Operate in Your Divine Purpose

Learn How To Manifest Your Dreams

Learn How to Overcome Your Fears

Learn How To Increase Your Faith

Learn How To Establish A Power Prayer Life

Learn How To Accomplish Your Goals


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When do I get access to the library?

Immediately after you sign up!

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time, but keep in mind that there are NO REFUNDS! If you cancel your subscription you will lose access to all content and this offer may not be available again.

When will I be Charged?

You will be charged Today and then $69.99 every 30 days from Today.

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Hi, I'm Kim K. Sanders

If you made it to this page, then you already know who I am. But incase you don't, I'm Kim K. Sanders, and for many years I've been teaching people all around the world how to MASTER their lives!

Allow me to introduce you to the "Life Mastery Online Academy" the #1 Personal Development Program in the World! I know how it feels to need a breakthrough in every area of my life. I know what it feels like to experience:

  • lack
  • sickness in my body
  • painful unfruitful dysfunctional relationships and
  • depression.

BUT...I also know what it is like to experience:

  • Living an ​abundant above average lifestyle.
  • Being married for 23 years to the man of my dreams.
  • Making more money than I ever have in my entire life.
  • Having the desires of my heart come to pass.
  • Exceptional health.
  • Emotional and mental stability and
  • Fruitful prosperous covenant relationships.

In other words I have been able to overcome the ugly, painful, dreadful issues and challenges of life. I've also been able to break dysfunctional patterns, abnormal behaviors and vicious cycles in my life. And now I have a very prosperous, fruitful, peaceful, joyful and healthy life, by learning how to master my own life with spiritual principles and much personal development. Now I'm a Spiritual Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Life Mastery Coach and Consultant, helping thousands of people from all around the world, to produce spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational and financial breakthrough results! I would love to help you too!I look forward to see you in class!

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